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Meal-Planning in 3 Simple Steps

What’s for dinner? For our family, beef is rarely the answer. In an effort to save calories and cash, I decided to become more intentional with planning, prepping, and preparing our meals, specifically with planning dinners. Not only had we been eating out more,…

July 22, 2015
LifeShine Photography @ TheBobbiePen

{LifeShine Photography}

Many of you know that I love photography!  I shoot newborn, child, family, engagement, senior, and any other kind of portrait you can think of!!! Check out my photography page at the “LifeShine” link at the top, plus like LifeShine on Facebook!  Feel free…

July 2, 2015

{Welcome to my Blog}

I love to journal. You know, the old fashioned type with pen and paper? Over the past twelve years, I have filled pages upon pages with thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that stir in my mind. Prayers, fears, to-do lists, recipes, sketches, plans–you name it.…

July 1, 2015