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Adventures in Africa

Adventures in Africa

Our Mission Work in Uganda

When Chris and I first accepted the call to serve in Africa, we were named Directors of the Secondary School. Our main goal was to help oversee and organize programs at the newly purchased school. With our experience and expertise in education, we were…

November 5, 2016
Adventures in Africa

Why Africa?

I never imagined I would take a break from my teaching career and move my family across the globe. But God did. I began teaching over 8 years ago, and although I have thought about pursuing other avenues, I did not think I’d ever…

November 3, 2016
Adventures in Africa

The Brutons Go to Africa

When we began sharing the news of our upcoming adventures in Africa, the initial announcements were NOT well received. I can remember enjoying a beautiful fall evening celebrating Ellis’s first pumpkin patch visit. My sister couldn’t stay for dinner, so my mom and stepfather…

November 2, 2016