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I love to journal.  You know, the old fashioned type with pen and paper?  Over the past twelve years, I have filled pages upon pages with thoughts, ideas, and inspirations that stir in my mind.  Prayers, fears, to-do lists, recipes, sketches, plans–you name it.

A dear friend encouraged and inspired me to start a blog many years ago. “What?! A blog?!” I refused.  Since I usually try to avoid bandwagons, yet end up hopping on later, here it is…finally!

I do not promise to post every day, week, or month.  I will continue to keep my handwritten pens.  But my hope is that maybe–just maybe–this electronic journal will inspire at least one person.

Take time to record moments of your journey on this earth.  The ups and downs and everything in between.  Tell your story, share your heart, and document your memories.   Figure out how to have roots and wings.

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