Adventures in Africa

The Brutons Go to Africa

November 2, 2016

When we began sharing the news of our upcoming adventures in Africa, the initial announcements were NOT well received. I can remember enjoying a beautiful fall evening celebrating Ellis’s first pumpkin patch visit. My sister couldn’t stay for dinner, so my mom and stepfather joined us at the Pizza Farm.

Chris and I hadn’t planned on sharing the news yet, but it just sort of happened. After salads and appetizers, I gave Chris the “look.” Without saying word, we had an entire conversation. It was time. I let him spill the beans.

Without saying a word, we had an entire conversation.

To say that my parents were shocked is an understatement. Being mission trip-takers and supporters themselves, I hadn’t expected to see mom’s face and neck turn red or Tim’s eyebrow crease with almost-anger. Then I realized the problem: a sweet almost one-year-old boy sitting in between us. They were worried about their newest grandchild living 8,000 miles away. Combined with that fear was their initial understanding that we were moving there, permanently. Once we assured them it was short-term, they stopped holding their breath.

All the grandparents had similar reactions. Some were even left speechless. As they became “somewhat” used to the news, we began telling friends and co-workers. By springtime, the word was out, and we were making final preparations for the journey that would begin in July.

Thinking about our adventure thus far, we are so grateful for Simone–a friend who, six years ago, opened her heart and followed a dream to love others and change the future of a community in Nakaseke, Uganda. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be such a small part of her vision with Simone’s Kids.

We believe we’re called to love God and His people. Whether in the US or Africa, we are to seek and serve His kingdom. His ministry is everywhere—at home and your workplace, with family and friends, in your hobbies and activities, in every city, country, and continent. His work is needed wherever you are planted. For now we’re in Nakaseke, but in a few short weeks, we will be back home. Consider your own roots, and seek to join the Lord in the work He is doing there!

His work is needed wherever you are planted.


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  • Reply Karen November 3, 2016 at 10:52 am

    “His work is needed wherever you are planted. “ Such a profound reminder to us that remain on home soil…..and as a grandparent myself, I can totally understand the reactions you received….may the Lord bless and keep your sweet family!

  • Reply thebobbiepen November 5, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    Thank you for your sweet wishes, Karen!

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