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{a little love for our teachers}

July 28, 2015
My sweet Sharon studying hard for her incredible teacher!

My sweet Sharon studying hard for her incredible teacher, Agnes, in Nakaseke, Uganda!

As many teachers are already back at work preparing for this upcoming school year, I thought it appropriate to attempt to highlight some of the hard work they do each and every year. I hope we will send our teachers a little love.

Teaching is TOUGH!  We expect more and more out of our educators everyday.  Building a 21st century learning environment involves many moving parts, requiring our teachers to incorporate many elements of “best practices.” They must differentiate instruction.  Run small groups and conference with every student.  Use manipulatives and create experiments for hands-on learning.  Teach and model character traits. Incorporate technology.  Conduct formal and informal assessments.  Sacrifice planning for professional learning.  (Just to name a few.)

Teachers juggle so much between 7 and 3.  After the children leave, they  plan, prep, grade, build assessements, gather materials and resources, communicate with parents, etc.  Don’t forget all the paperwork, school-wide duties, and committees.  Then they fit in time for family and household responsibilities.  What about working out and enjoying hobbies? Ha!  Let’s be honest, when their families fall asleep, many teachers research ideas online, type lesson plans, or pull out that stack of papers.

All the while, educators seemed covered with threats of higher insurance premiums, less compensation for higher degrees, larger class sizes, longer days, and lower pay. But, who teaches for the pay, anyway?

I am not saying all this to complain.  Honestly.  People everywhere work hard, and many in worse conditions, or careers.  I just wanted to take a second to help people understand the size of an educator’s heart.  It is massive.  It has to be!  There is no way they would stay in this field without a deep passion for children.  Teachers believe in what they do.  When they’re asked to do more, give more, and be more, they just do it.

So, send a little love to your children’s teachers this year.  Maybe a note of encouragement?  Maybe a “thank you” in your child’s agenda.  A little love goes a long way, and they deserve a little a LOT of love!

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